Your business’s nerve system

A tailor-made system to serve all the unique aspects & workflows of your business in one place

Tech Experts

Analysis & Advice from our expert tech team to make your business more intelligent by custom-building the right technology to serve it

Develop for ROI

Choose to invest only in profitable tech alternatives that enhance yield & productivity

Create an asset

Continuously grow with our ever-developing system core, and numerous modules & applications we constantly provide for our satisfied clients worldwide

Customised Solutions

Custom made technologies

  • One platform for all your business needs.
  • Make sense of your unique data and business processes.
  • Create and develop an asset for your business.
  • No pay-per-user programs or limited license.
  • Acquire a wide perspective of your entire business with both predefined and user-defined reports.
  • Minimal Adoption pains due to intelligent development priority and integration into existing workflows.

Flamiingo systems

  • Existing robust system core to save development time.
  • Integrate with existing providers and platforms.
  • Web-based platform, accessible from any device.
  • ROI-measured tech alternatives.
  • Ever growing system core capabilities.
  • Unite your business – powerful dashboards & APIs.
  • Architecture made for Easy & fast programming, and flexible additions.
  • Full SaaS – including security, backups, recovery and high availability. Implemented using proven AWS services.

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    System Development Flow

    About Us

    Flamiingo is an online software solution company which has been supplying high quality data management systems since 2016.

    The company was founded by New Acropolis Israel, which is part of an international organization of a philosophical, cultural and social nature.

    The founding team are a group of experts whom, after working for many years in the industry, decided to put their skills together and form Flamiingo as a means to further fund and leverage their common interest in serving the community through education.

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