The Technology

We offer a seamless process flow incorporating into our systems:

• B2C and B2B Workflows
• Advanced Dashboards
• Complex Financial Operations
• Smart Calendar
• Easy Customization

Our products are based on proprietary Themis Core, an infrastructure allowing fast and flexible development and deployment of data management systems.
We offer full SaaS including backups, high availability, scalability and multi-center data duplication using AWS services, managed by our expert team.

Product Development Flow

Analysis, Consulting & Specification

  • Technical analysis of your business needs: Specify and understand business work-flow and organizational challenges, from a technical perspective, with our expert team.
  • Design your system & processes: Tailor your platform to your unique business processes, user perspectives and permissions.
  • Examine complementary technological alternatives: Conduct a detailed review of available solutions, including integration with existing systems.

Develop to Your Needs

  • Fully modular development process: Allow for gradual integration according to your organization growth, budget and necessities.
  • Minimize adoption pains: Seamless integration into existing employee workflow. Design for minimum user frustration and quick adoption.
  • Unite your business processes: Harness powerful dash-board capabilities, APIs and diverse modules for end-to-end overview of your entire business.
  • Interface with your current platforms & providers: Avoid using multiple systems & screens for similar functionality and same users.

Evolve and Grow

  • Develop over existing proprietary framework: Flexible, functional, robust, proven and always improving.
  • Instantaneous scale up: Grow your company and increase system users simply according to your needs.
  • Create an asset for your company: Keep the rights over your developed product and increase company’s intellectual property and value.

Some of our inherent modules:

  • Secure & flexible permissions per user.
  • Centralized communication environment, connecting internal feedback and external users.
  • Dynamic and categorical company data search.
  • Unification of forms, data and content.
  • Entirely web based UX – with online world, social networks, billing, accounting, accessible from any device.
  • End-to-End Business Dashboard: financial data, client status, project management, inventory and more.
  • Easy API connectivity with social networks, service providers and external websites.
  • Long term client debt & credit tracking.
  • Task management & tracking system.
  • Interfaces with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Integration with Google mapping services.